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#theigen invite student innovators to pitch their ideas
Energy Efficiency Innovation Pitch Presentation includes as part of IGEN ENERGATHON 2023 – We aim to provide students (UG, PG, Scholars, Schools) with the opportunity to present their #sdg7 actioned energy innovation to investors and provide opportunities for them to start their own companies. Energy Innovation Submission Link

Submit before 15th May 2023. Top three winners will be rewarded and all finalist will be inducted as member in IGEN Innovation Consortium.
More details Call @ 9445173814 or 8072073658 WE4GREEN Dr S. Suresh Ms G.Ezhilarasi (Organising Session Heads)



#theigen invites school students to articulate their thoughts related to sustainable energies
“Sustainable Energy – A boon or a bane” is a debate competition being conducted as a part of IGEN ENERGATHON 2023. This debate competition provides an opportunity to churn your thoughts about sustainable energies in line with #SDG7. (1) Register yourself before 15th May,2023 ,

(2) The registered participant will have to participate in Round 1 scrutiny for the debate competition on 17th May, 2023 (3) Round 2 scrutiny is schedule on 20th May, 2023 (4) After Round 2, top 10 students will be selected for the final debate competition, which will be conducted live on 27th May, 2023 (5) The top 10 students will be inducted in IGEN YGIN ARME- IGEN Young Innovators Army wherein they will be guided and trained to pitch in their ideas and outcome of it will be patentable product.
Any queries to be communicated to 9014876704, 9003076631 WE4GREEN Dr. Ishrat Dr. Kavitha (Organising Session Heads)



Students are invited to participate SDG7SUMMIT @ IGEN ENERGATHON SDG7SUMMIT : A chance to showcase students' project work or research done by experts around the world in relation to Sustainable Development Goal 7, which aims to ensure that people have access to clean and affordable energy. 👥 Presentation Category Power Point Presentation /OR/ Making of Video on #sdg7 /OR/ Short Film Video on #sdg7 👥Participants will have 👥 4-5 minutes to present their action, focusing on Affordable and Clean Energy to fight the Climate Change that align with SDG 7. 👥 The competition is open to all college students 👥Top 10 teams will be eligible to present on conference 👥All finalist will be inducted as IGEN SDG7 Ambassador and conncet towards SDG7 Youth Community . 👥Registration deadline is May 20, 2023. Register your entry through G-Form

Any queries to be communicated to 8608630000 WE4GREEN Dr. K.Geetha (Organising Session Heads)


#theigen invites applications from Academic Institutions, Industries, Startup Companies, NGOs, Energy Ambassadors to present their best practices, success stories and innovative implementation methods on the SDG 7 related action at CLEAN ENERGY AND SDG7 ACTION/ BEST PRACTICE PRESENTATION Session which is a part of IGEN ENERGATHON 2023. 👥THEME: CLEAN ENERGY POWERING THE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE (MOBILIZE, INSPIRE, CONNECT) Describe the Best Practices / Initiatives that 👥Mobilize People to Transform Towards SDG 7 and Its Interrelated Goals 👥Inspire Positive Change and Shift in Behaviour of Individuals to Take Action For The SDGs, 👥Connect People, Organizations, and Institutions of Diverse Sectors To Commit On Achieving SDG7 and Interrelated Goals By 2030 👥Who can Apply: Academic Institutions, Startup Companies, Industries, NGOs, Energy Ambassadors 👥SDG 7 BEST PRACTICES PRESENTATION Submission Link:

👥SELECTION PROCESS IMPORTANT DATES 👥Application Submission Deadline 22nd May 2023 👥Round 1: Scrutiny of Submitted Application 23rd May 2023 👥Round 2: Online Interaction of Jury Panel with Round 1 Shortlisted Teams 24th May 2023 👥Final Event Day Presentation by Round 2 Shortlisted Teams at IGEN ENERGATHON 2023 on Digital Platform 27th May 2023
Any queries to be communicated to 9840739314, 9444264984, 9790636602, 9944695905, 9840319824 WE4GREEN 👥Dr. T.Anuradha 👥Dr. Solai Manohar Organising Session head